Basic Income Beyond Wage Slavery: In Search of Transcending Political Aesthetics


  • “Artistic criticism is on the way to playing crucial role in the econimic world now as a transcending and rectifying factor.”
  • After the industrial society – that focuses on, all the while increasing the use of technology and minimizing the human power needed thus leaving labour-less people  with no means of financial support and because of the nature of said society, with no means of personal growth and creativity- we are approaching a POST- INDUSTRIAL society demanding new ways of thinking and acting.
  • Look more into Beyus! His theory (which is actually put to the test by him practically as well) is very intriguing…
  • The way I understand it, existence withing a society is not separate from artistic expression. Our social and creative aspects are intertwined and that is the path through which we can transcend to a new state of existence.
  • Three basic principles are discused:
  1. Learned Helplessness (citizens as passive receivers, power residing in the system not the individual, no sense of self-definition, rather system-defined identity.)
  2. Social Art   ( a. Creative potential in every individual, finding our identity through play – because of lack of judgment???  b.The politics of aesthetics, evoluitonary-revolutionary power)
  3. Liberation (the aesthetics of politics – a whole new range of options if Basic Income is not labour related) –> people actualy are less pressured and therefore more creative and productive)



“Art is not here to be understood” and the justification comes right after “It is easier to intellectually understand than to experience with all your senses” –> Western man is afraid of losing control and all that , that he cannot understand and pinpoint is a threat… To transgress to another level of existance I believe that we must embrace the possibility of understanding on a deaper level one that perhaps cannot be put into words. We need to take the risk to open ourselves to the possibilities. By taking a risk we MAY reach a result, but without taking a risk we CERTAINLY won’t.


“We must liberate ourselves, our fate is in our hands, it comes down to praxis”  if we want chage we first have to become the change we want to see… We can expect nothing from no one that we are not first prepered to do for ourselves…


READING “Basic Income Beyond Wage Slavery: In Search of  Transcending Political Aesthetics”


Well, I have to say that I actually enjoyed reading this! It fits perfectly with my personal views and beliefs…


Blinded and muted by money or using it as means to facilitate expression, creativity and why not fun???

The morning after…


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