Politics and Aesthetics in the Arts

Fist of all, considering the fact that we are also looking at protesting through art let me say that I really DID NOT LIKE reading this particular paper…..

BUT, it did have some interesting…..


  • Interesting fact: “Degenerate art”, paintings consigned by the Nazis, where auctioned and bids where made as political/aesthetic statements
  • Art has been at times censored for being to provocative ideologically and ethically (dealing with the flag and/or homosexuality)
  • Politics, aesthetics and art are intertwined, the interact
  • Anger is frequently the cause behind creating but also censoring art
  • Politics is not JUST black and white, there are many shades of grey in between
  • Political advantage is sought after through the competition to gain control over the arts.
  • In politics as well  as in art there is the factor of judgment and that is frequently a cause for anger



“Every relationship is a power relationship”  –> Of course it is… We live in a society where control is considered important. Forgeting for a moment alternative yogi or meditative lifestyles, in almost every relationship there is the matter of who will control it. If we are lucky we can at least have a ballance of power with each person being “in control” in one aspect of the relationship. But as long as one western man’s greatest fears is loosing control, there will always be a fight for power in relationships of any kind.

“Anger in texts can go underground and therefore be difficult to locate” –> Ahhhh, yes, the need to speak our mind versus the fear to do so…. The easy way out?? Hidden implications that can easily be denied or passed off as something else… Hypocrisy!  I strongly believe that we should have the courage to support our beliefs…


“Something is known in aesthetic experience which is not available to us as knowledge in other forms of experience” –> It all goes back to not seeking understanding solely with our intellect, but with all our senses, even  if we are unable to put it into words…

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